Jönköping Fishing Fair Interviews 2 – How to Sell Jazz to Fishermen

There was thousands of visitors at the Jönköping fishing fair. So many that we were confident we would sell out our cd’s in no time. After Joona had played a beautiful intro and solo on the Hatch followed by my excellent bass solo, we were expecting to see a long queue to for cd’s and autographs.

But what?! Not single one on the sales desk? A catastrophe!

It seemed like they didn’t even realize what they were missing: The only record in the universe that combines these two worlds – jazz, and fly fishing – in a perfect harmony.

This wasn’t going to happen. Not to us. We were bound to make a difference. Go fishing. Make music. Make love. Buy the Jazz & Fly Fishing album “Slow walking water”.


Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Yeah, it will. But getting good distribution in Germany is always difficult, because the major label dinosaurs are still holding on to their monopoly there.


A: Order it now, directly from us, and get one of the last signed CDs for a very nice price.

B: Buy it on iTunes or similar after the release

C: Stream it from Wimp after the release

D: Three months after the release, it might be out for streaming on Spotify but we don´t know that for sure yet. Our record label is, together with other Scandinavian indie labels, involved in a bit of a quarrel with Spotify because Spotify hardly pay anything and take all the money themselves.


this video has some real entrepreneur spirit!
I had a huge laugh, great! And Tapani is getting good with the groovy-action filming all the time!


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