Modern Splitcane Rods – Tradition and Performance

I´ve always wanted to try a proper splitcane flyrod. Sure, I´ve tried some of my father´s old ones from the sixties, but they weren´t very good. Massproduced, worn-out rods that are heavy, slow and wobbly.

The rods I had the pleasure of casting today couldn´t have been more different. It´s not easy to describe how it feels to cast with a really good splitcane fly rod, but it somehow feels alive in your hand. It´s an organic thing, much like a really good musical instrument. They have so much character and personality, and modern splitcane rods are light, precise and responsive.

Try it!

I´m sold, anyway.

Master cane builder Vidar Steimler had brought lots of delightful rods, and gave interesting lectures on various subjects such as different rod tapers and how to distinguish between good and bad craftsmanship.
Sigfred Mittet had also brought some really interesting rods. I had the pleasure of casting one of his square-built rods, and it had a very fast action, faster than I would have thought possible. Geir Rud was there with his wonderfully crafted rods, and Tore Halle´s research on bamboo joints looked very promising.

Living legend
Kenneth Boström (the inventor of the ingenious fly pattern Rackelhanan, among many other things) was there, too, and he demonstrated his highly unusual Rackelhanan rods, which are two thirds carbon and one third splitcane(!). He also demonstrated some mean curve-casting skills. I bet he has some serious Shadow Casts up his sleave, too;)

Big thanks to OOFF (Oslo Fly Fisher´s Association) and Nordisk Fiskeutstyr for arranging this gathering.
And on a personal note, I would like to thank Vidar Steimler for giving me a junior rod for my son for free(!). We´re starting the training tomorrow!



Fantastic I love split cane, I spent all winter rebuilding an old rod I bought for £20! Its amazing what a difference replacing the old heavy weight rings with new light chrome snakes makes to the action. The rod has already landed a 45cm brown Trout. Is your son’s new rod cane too? I’m teaching my 7 year old step daughter Alice how to to fly fishing, (though according to her she already knows, and thinks I need to try harder). For her birthday she wants a pair of chest waders and a fly vest 🙂


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