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Urban Fly Fishing with Lars & Lars

I was over at Vigelandsparken again yesterday, trying to hook up with more urban trout. Out of nowhere, Norwegian fly fishing legends Lars Lenth and Lars Nilssen, known from various books, articles and TV-shows, showed up with their fly rods and camera ready… The result of our joint efforts can be seen on their exciting… Read more »

Catch Magazine

I just ran into this site on the net. An online magazine with focus on fishing photography. Incredibly beautiful pictures, check it out! Catch Magazine

Jazz & Fly Fishing…

What is jazz and what is fly fishing? Some of you who read and watch this blog might be fishing maniacs, musicians or maybe both. But I guess that many of you just discovered a site where four idiots are doing weird stuff and now you’re checking us out every now and then!? I will… Read more »

Guideline Fario

There’s been a lot of talking lately about Guideline’s new fly rod series Fario. It has been praised by the critiques (the 9′ #5 rod won a test in Trout & Salmon magazine) and our friends who have tested it have been very impressed. And when we got our hands on the 9′ #5 we… Read more »

Today: a Photo of a (fat) Fish

Fredrik, JFF´s own sea trout master, has been to one of his secret seatrout spots around Gothenburg again. He sent us this picture just to make us jealous. Guess what? It´s working, Fred! And what a beautiful fish! Since he is an accomplished chef, I´m sure he´s already made a tasty meal out of it…. Read more »

The Tight Lines Quartet Is Dead – Long Live Jazz & Fly Fishing!

When we were in Gothenburg recording our new album, we had a vote and the result was unanimous: The band is no longer called Tight Lines Quartet, but simply Jazz & Fly Fishing. Nobody was using the other name anyway – everyone just called us Jazz & Fly Fishing (we even did ourselves). Jazz &… Read more »

The Silver Rush

Here’s my answer to Håvard’s video gear madness. Chaplin didn’t have the super colors and stereo mics, we don’t need them either. But the music! Duke Ellington and his orchestra played jazz when jazz was young and the fish were big. And Fredrik’s monster trout is finally revealed here!

The Latest News

Today it is friday. What are the latest news? 1. Håvard is broke but happy. He found real happiness when he became the gear machine. He is also gonna get some more Norwegian oil money pretty soon, that’s for sure. 2. Earlier this week I promised to arrange a nice little competition. Have I done… Read more »