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What is jazz and what is fly fishing? Some of you who read and watch this blog might be fishing maniacs, musicians or maybe both. But I guess that many of you just discovered a site where four idiots are doing weird stuff and now you’re checking us out every now and then!? I will now try to (maybe you’re already into both J&F) make you try both jazz and fly fishing…

Jazz, is it strange? Do you have to know what you hear when you listen to it? Do you have to play an instrument and buy a hip jazz hat in order to listen to jazz? Of course not. I could write page after page but I’ll try to keep it short! Jazz CAN be strange and demanding to listen at, that’s for sure. But so can pop music. And rock music. And salsa. And so on… The thing is… jazz can also be very smooth and easy to listen to. If you never bought a jazz record in your whole life, there is one magic record that is perfect to start with. The cool thing is that this record never gets bad. It works every time you’ll put it in your CD. I’m talking about Miles Davis, one of the real heroes in the music world.

The name of the record is Kind Of Blue, buy it, it’s a keeper!

Now, what about the fly fishing world? Many people believe that you need to spend lots and lots of money and read thousands of books before you can start to fish. After that you must practice ten hours a day for three years before you will catch anything. This is wrong! People often say “it seems so difficult”. That is not true. It is not difficult! IT IS NOT DIFFICULT! Anyway, get a fly rod and you’ll be surprised! That’s all I’m saying. The only things you need is: 1 fly rod, 1 simple fly reel, 1 fly line, some flies and some regular fishing line. Good luck! /Fredrik

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Some other classic must-haves:

John Coltrane “A Love Supreme” & “Blue Train”
Miles Davis “Live Evil” & “Relaxin´ with the MDQ”
Cannonball Adderley Quintet: Live in New York
Kenny Burell “Midnight Blue”
Hank Mobley “Soul Station”
Wes Montgomery “Full House”


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