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Video Gear Madness

The following e-mails were exchanged between Joona and me today: —————————————————————————- Subject: Videogear! Sent: Tue, 20 April, 2010 17:17:52 From: Håvard Stubø To: Joona Toivanen, Tapani Toivanen, Fredrik Hamrå I have now ordered the following gear: – Portable travel harddisk – La Cie rugged 500 GB (Petzi style) – Canon Wideangle lens (screws on to… Read more »

Encounter with the snake

Today I took a short trip out to the sea despite a very strong wind. I skipped the waders and just took the sneakers and combined the fishing with some jogging on the cliffs. A couple of hours of casting in 14 m/s wind resulted in one tiny trout. On the way back I almost… Read more »

Easter Rise

Hi everyone! This little video is from my first day of fly fishing up north this year. Lots of ice and not too much fish, but it still felt fabulous to be out and about, fencing with the fly rod! Easter Rise from Jazz and Fly Fishing´s Jazzcam on Vimeo.


Me and Joona went to a well known area outside Gothenburg. As we drove to the fishing spot we listened to our new “not-yet-made-CD” in the car. It sounds really hip! Joona also filmed some weird stuff in the car with his brand new super secret camera. He is filming everything (all the time) and… Read more »


Lot’s of things are happening right now. The spring is coming, we are allowed to fish for the sea trout, the snow is gone, flowers starts to pop up in the nature and… most important of all: I am free to fish 24 hours a day in one week. So are J-man. The water is… Read more »

Barduelva – The Dark Side of Green Energy

We all love renewable energy, but it´s easily forgotten that this kind of energy can be pretty dirty, too. Barduelva, one of Scandinavia´s finest road-near rivers, is in a sad state. Barduelva is a mighty river, up to 400m wide as it twists and turns through the lush, green Bardu valley, surrounded by snow-capped mountains… Read more »

Day 2 at Studio Epidemin

Here´s the second and final video from our recording session at Studio Epidemin, Gothenburg. PS! We´re very sorry about the disgraceful lyrics in Fred´s improvised song at the end of the video (“Mrs Johnson”). It won´t happen again. Day 2 at Studio Epidemin from Jazz and Fly Fishing´s Jazzcam on Vimeo. Day 2 at Studio… Read more »

I'm sorry

I´m sorry. I was very tired when I wrote the last blog late last night… That´s why it was kind of minimalistic. About the fishing… well, what can I say? We simply don’t have the time to fish right now. The good news is that the ice is melting right now! We´ve been working really… Read more »


We’re recording. It´s fun!