Lot’s of things are happening right now. The spring is coming, we are allowed to fish for the sea trout, the snow is gone, flowers starts to pop up in the nature and… most important of all: I am free to fish 24 hours a day in one week. So are J-man. The water is still very cold, around one degree (Celsius), something that transforms our legs to ice after a couple of hours out there in the water.

The first fishing day paid of – Joona caught a nice one around one kilo and I managed to catch a slightly bigger one (yes). Since it was the first trout of the year, it of course followed me home to join for dinner. Later this week we will show a nice and easy way to make them very tasty!

There are fly fishers out there who always release the fish, no matter what. Well, I’m not one of those cats (but I release most of the fish I catch), I like to cook and eat fish and feels great to skip the ugly fish in the freeze-box and eat fresh fish instead – fish that not belong to the big ugly fish-industri (grow fast, feed them with pellets, give them more pellets, make them bigger, make them to monsters, sell it to the people who can’t see how we are doing this)

Actually, I realize that I have to go now, Joona is picking me up in five minutes.




I must tell… Yesterday Fredrik got a really nice trout. I mean REALLY nice. I’m sure he will tell more about it soon!


Fred? Big trout? I must know! Tell me more!

Fred is an awesome sea trout fisherman, that’s for sure…
Did he use his secret trick?


I hope you are not building up the anticipation for nothing:)

Fred? Are you there? We want to see the fish!


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