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New Web Site

Hi! Welcome to the new Jazz & Fly Fishing web site! We’we tried to come up with a bit cleaner layout and something that should also work on mobile & tablets. We’re still updating some bits & pieces, but please let us know in the comments, if you come across some problems. P.S. New stuff… Read more »

We Won!


Wooohooo! The final (and best) episode of our Season Two, The Curse, won the Gullkroken (Golden Hook) award for best film. The award show was was held in Christiana Theater in Oslo, and the large theatre was jam-packed with happy fishermen. What a party it was. I still have a headache. Our good friends over… Read more »


Hi! It´s been a while since our last video, but we got some really nice material this season, and have some winter-shortening videos coming up soon. First, a video that has very little to do with fly fishing (but there are a couple of fly fishing-related things in there, if you watch it carefully). The… Read more »

The happy Finn

16th of june was booked since a couple of weeks back. Me and Fredrik found one single night we were able to go fishing together. It turned out to be a very beautiful evening as we arrived to the coast at sunset. Our friend Joel joined us and we were looking forward to the night… Read more »

Tie your own leader

There is a djungel of fly fishing leaders out there. Do you have you own favorite? I have tried a lot of different brands and lengths but never really found a leader that beats the ones I tie myself. I did not invent this formula, only got inspired from a legend in the fly fishing… Read more »

New Video – Season Two Episode 2: The Sacrifice

Hello, dear friends! Easter is over, and Episode 2 of Season Two is ready. Fittingly for Easter, the episode´s main theme is sacrifice and rejuvenation of faith. Other than that, there are few biblical references… Season Two Episode 2: The Sacrifice from Jazz & Fly Fishing on Vimeo. Press CC on the player for English… Read more »

Tellmefishing video contest

My little video from last year, Focus, was one of the nominees for the Italian short film contest Tellmefishing. This Monday, I was happy to receive this mail: The jury panel has been very satisfied  with the videos received on the occasion of the first edition of Tellmefishing Video Contest and has decided to give,… Read more »

At the casting club, part one

While waiting for the next episode in S.2, I will try to ventilate a rhythmic theory of mine. It is actually not about drumming but something as simple as fly casting. Or is it really that simple? Just grab a rod, attach a fly, cast 100 feet and catch a fat trout… Maybe not that… Read more »

Season Two, Episode 1: The Only Way Is Up

Yep: Season Two Episode 1: The Only Way Is Up from Jazz & Fly Fishing on Vimeo. It´s been a really long road, but here´s the first episode of Season Two. Hope you like it! We don´t have a releasedate for Episode 2 yet, but it should be ready very soon. We´ll let you know,… Read more »