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Oslo´s Dark Secrets

Hi! I was out filming in central Oslo with Lars Nilssen from yesterday evening, and we uncovered some incredible secrets, hidden just in front of our noses. The place where I caught this fish lies a few hundred meters from my appartement, and it doesn´t show up on any map or aerial photo. It´s… Read more »

New SC Competition Entry – Shadow Cast 2 – The Fly Society

And here’s officcially the final entry for the Jazz & Fly Fishing Shadow Cast Competition 2011 ! (It was also posted before the DL.) We’re no longer accepting new submissions. Good luck for all the participants! And may the shadow be with you. See all the entries at The Shadow Cast Competition Page !

New SC Competition Entry – Shadow Cast 1 – The Fly Society

Heyy, time for the final SC competition entries, which were published before the deadline! (I was busy in Berlin and didn’t get around posting them, sorry for the delay.) See all the entries at The Shadow Cast Competition Page !

New SC Competition Entry: Back in 2007(?)

Now this is some interesting stuff! Our good friends and colleagues at sent us this video a couple of days ago. While it does show some very impressive Shadow Casting, the most interesting thing about this video is that the Frontside guys claim that it is from 2007(!) Now if this was true, it… Read more »

Arctic Char Video on Lars & Lars

Hi! Lars Nilssen´s video from Savalen (the place where I filmed the huge schools of spawning arctic char you saw in this post) is out on VGTV now. There is some J&FF material in there, too: a totally hysterical scene that our good friend Arne shot with his compact still camera. The scene features me… Read more »

Shadowmaster: The Song

Only eleven days to go until the Shadow Cast competition closes! Just to remind you, the winner gets: – Eternal Glory – Guideline Fario 8’6” #6 – THE ULTIMATE SHADOW CAST ROD. – The song “The Man I Want To Be” dedicated to him/her, written, performed and produced by J&FF. And here, ladies and gentlemen,… Read more »


…Sometimes the fish don’t bite, sometimes they do. Today it was very strange that nothing happened. After fishing for three hours without a single take, we went back to our cabin and had some food, drank coffee and slept for a while. Then we went home. Does it sound exiting? Well, it was a nice… Read more »

So far, no fish

Jazz master Per Oscar Nilsson is trying to catch something. So far the fishing sucks, lets see what the next hour will bring.