New SC Competition Entry: Back in 2007(?)

Now this is some interesting stuff! Our good friends and colleagues at sent us this video a couple of days ago. While it does show some very impressive Shadow Casting, the most interesting thing about this video is that the Frontside guys claim that it is from 2007(!) Now if this was true, it would mean that they were Shadow Casting at a very high level several years before we started developing our New, Improved Shadow Cast™.

This is of course impossible. The video is obviously a cleverly designed fake, but you have to give the Frontside guys credit for the serious effort they´ve made to make the video look like it´s from 2007. They´ve filmed it with an old camera, they´re wearing clothes that were considered high fashion in some circles back then, and they´ve even shaved their faces and retouched the pictures to achieve that baby face look. Impressive!

While none of these tricks fool us
, we´re still flabbergasted by their new cast, and welcome their spectacular contribution to the Shadow Cast competition.

Our friends over at Vak did a story on this whole controversy some days ago, Check it out here. It´s good.

See all the entries and post your own at The Shadow Cast Competition Page !
We’re still accepting entries today and tomorrow!



I’m honored to be a part of this competition…
however, fly fishing is a sport for gentlemen, so I think we should take the discussions in the courthouse unless you give us one million dollars or more! I prefer more!

Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Well, to quote Rambo: You drew first blood, Rolf!
You´ll never get your sweaty palms anywhere near our millions
of Jazz & Fly Fishing dollars.
If you insist on pursuing this, we´ll have no choice but to hand the matter over to our team of lawyers.

(Great cast, though.)


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