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Exciting, new plans!

It´s early May, and we’re in the middle of the usual summer planning frenzy. It´s always the same: this time of year, anything seems possible, and the list of good fishing options in northern Scandinavia is nearly endless. Unfortunately, the summers up north are terribly short, so tough decisions have to be made. By now,… Read more »

New video: The JazzBall

Hi, Håvard Stubø from Jazz & Fly Fishing has made one significant invention in his life. He calls it the JazzBall.

Video from Japan with HSQ

Hi! A little bit of video: Wild Is the Wind, performed by Håvard Stubø Quartet. The video was recorded on tour in Japan, December 2015. PS! New flyfishing videos coming soon.

Here you go: a brand new video! More videos coming up in the near future, too. Spring is here!