Arctic Char Video on Lars & Lars


Lars Nilssen´s video from Savalen (the place where I filmed the huge schools of spawning arctic char you saw in this post) is out on VGTV now.

There is some J&FF material in there, too: a totally hysterical scene that our good friend Arne shot with his compact still camera. The scene features me catching a huge arctic char while shouting foul language in Norwegian with a very high pitched voice. This happened on one of J&FF´s expeditions above the arctic circle this summer.
Click here to czech it!

Here´s a picture of one of the beautiful arctic char from Savalen:

Bright Red Beauty



Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Thanks, Marc, I´ll take that as a compliment;)
Frankly, It´s always a little bit painful for me to see myself on video. I´ll go: “Do I really look that dorky? Do I really sound that stupid?”
By now we´re getting used to it I guess, but I still don´t like it very much;)


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