New Web Site


Welcome to the new Jazz & Fly Fishing web site!

We’we tried to come up with a bit cleaner layout and something that should also work on mobile & tablets.

We’re still updating some bits & pieces, but please let us know in the comments, if you come across some problems.

P.S. New stuff & videos coming up soon! Stay tuned.



Hey, I’m an upright bass player from Nashville TN. Love your videos and art. I’ve had the same passion my whole life…music and flyfishing.
I love the quality you put into your videos and I hope to see more.
Let me know if you ever play in Nashville and maybe I can show you some cool trout streams.

Bradley Carter

A big fan of your videos , please post more . If you guys ever want to come to Buffalo NY I can get you into some great steelheading and brown trout fishing just email me .


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