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 Right now, the short arctic autumn is rapidly turning into winter. Which is a good thing, really: The last couple of weeks have been a kind a limbo – no fly fishing and no skiing, just grey, wet, cold and dark. Late autumn is always messy, even the travelling and touring feels muddy and cold…. Read more »

Some Screenshots

Here you go. Some screenshots from some new video material, shot by Arne Mobakken and myself. Videos will start coming when autumn turns into winter. In August, Arne and I made a couple of really good fishing trips:  One to a newly discovered river high up in the mountains, and one to one of my… Read more »

Sunday Jazz: At First

Band: Gemmer-Toivanen-Fryland-Møllehøj Title: ‘At First’ The working name for the band isn’t going to work in the long run 🙂 so if you can come up with something shorter, please post suggestions in the comments. At First by Søren Gemmer Gemmer-Toivanen-Fryland-Møllehøj Søren Gemmer – Piano Tapani Toivanen – Bass Andreas Fryland – Drums Per Møllehøj… Read more »

Video: Iris

This is what I´ve been working on the last couple of days. I have nightmares about eyes now… The music is a piece called “Göteborg”, written and performed by Jazz & Fly Fishing. I remixed it a bit. Hope you like it!


Once again, the great Swedish photographer and flyfisherman Knotan has brought a spectacular video to our attention. This one is from Finland. Enjoy your monday!

Great Video

This spectacular video was brought to my attention by the great Swedish photographer and flyfisherman Knotan. Be sure check out Knotan´s site, and enjoy the video!

New Video Gallery

Hi, We have published a new video gallery, where we feature our best stuff! I hope that finding and viewing our videos will be a little bit less painful experience from now on. As usual, all of our videos can be found also on our YouTube and Vimeo channels. Try it out!

IKI – All Improvised

I’ve done quite a bit of video fishing in J&FF and as a spin-off I’m getting to videoing’ people too (instead of only fish and Håvard). I was the man behind the camera for this special album release of IKI here in Copenhagen, so I though I post it here. It’s something else for sure… Read more »

Hook, Line & Murder

Catch & Release or Kill it & Leave it? That’s today’s question. Animation by Eben McCue.

Trout, Bardu

Since we have had so much hard time finding the trout lately, I thought it would be a good idea to remind ourselves what it looks like. Here’s one from Bardu, Norway. Music by Jazz & Fly Fishing.