Sunday Jazz: At First

Band: Gemmer-Toivanen-Fryland-Møllehøj
Title: ‘At First’

The working name for the band isn’t going to work in the long run 🙂 so if you can come up with something shorter, please post suggestions in the comments.

At First by Søren Gemmer


Søren Gemmer – Piano
Tapani Toivanen – Bass
Andreas Fryland – Drums
Per Møllehøj – Guitar

24/3/2012 Metronomen, Copenhagen


Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Nice music!

Band name: Hmmm. My head is totally empty after the premiere last night. Fred is good at this kind of thing. Fredrik?

Fredrik Hamrå

Of course! First of all; nice music, cool sound! I might think that the name “Gemmer-Toivanen-Fryland-Møllehøj” is a little bit too long. Just a little bit. What about “Toimellamöllvoinen”? I think it is a strong name! Another option is of course “Tapani, I love you” and “tell me where you are”. One of these three names should fit! (you´re welcome!)


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