New Video Gallery


We have published a new video gallery, where we feature our best stuff!

I hope that finding and viewing our videos will be a little bit less painful experience from now on. As usual, all of our videos can be found also on our YouTube and Vimeo channels. Try it out!

Video Gallery


Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

I´ve had some complaints from Sweden: It seems that some swedes are having trouble understanding how to navigate on the new video page. I still haven´t heard from Fredrik on this, but if this problem has to do with ethnicity, he should encounter the same problem, since he is from Sweden.
Tapani: Maybe you could add some arrows, explanatory texts or something so our Nordic big brothers understand, too;)


Tapani / Jazz & Fly Fishing

@Håvard: The last thing I want is to have anyone (no matter about ethnicity, nationality, race) feel lost or puzzled by the new video page.

I added some arrows and explicit instructions to the page as requested.

Please report all errors and include information about your browser too!

Fredrik, JFF

I have no problem to navigate on the video page. It is to me very clear and easy to use. Maybe it is becuase I use Mac and not PC, it seems like the page is made for touch screens!? In Sweden it is a very well known fact that Norwegian guys are a little bit behind (there are a few exeptions, cross country skiing for example). Knowing that, it makes me very surprised that the Swedish people do have trouble understanding and operating the new video page. The only reason I can see to this is the Norwegian oil money – it must be so that every citizen in Norway own a Mac computer. People in Sweden; lets find the oil!!! (or stop using it… ) /Fredrik/ Sweden


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