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Stuck in southern Sweden

If you red the last blog from us, you know about our expedition going on right now. Tapani is probably catching a huge trout as you red this. Håvard is dancing behind a tree. Joona is wrestling with a bear. Petzi is filming.. I´m just guessing since I´m not there. Quite a lot of gigs fell… Read more »

Active week!

I’m moving in three weeks. Very soon I’ll live very close to a nice lake with access to beautiful fishing spots and huge running-areas. I can’t wait much longer. But right now it is a bit messy at home. All over the apartment there are stuff. With stuff I mean things like chairs, pillows, underwear,… Read more »

The Cigar Rod

Today I’m home, fever and some other friends have occupied me – a perfect situation to work on the wooden ice fishing rods. Maybe I’ll tie some flies also, the sea trout season is getting closer (but still very very far away). Unfortunately I forgot the drumstick-rod at my rehearsing place so I can’t show… Read more »

Advanced Drum Tricks in Slow Motion

Fly Fishing makes your stick control perfect in all areas of life as you can see on this video. Fredrik Hamrå, the masterful drummer of Jazz and Fly Fishing controls the advanced drum rolls and stick-tricks with total precision and playful ease. Everything is captured with a special high speed camera.

Some Serious Planning Going On

We had a really good time in Gothenburg this weekend, practicing new music during the day and having endless debates about where we should go for this summer´s big fishing trip during the night. As usual we didn´t sleep much, but I guess we´ve all learned that it´s naive to expect decent amounts of sleep… Read more »