Stuck in southern Sweden

If you red the last blog from us, you know about our expedition going on right now. Tapani is probably catching a huge trout as you red this. Håvard is dancing behind a tree. Joona is wrestling with a bear. Petzi is filming.. I´m just guessing since I´m not there. Quite a lot of gigs fell over me this month and I had to stay in southern Sweden and play. I need the money, simply said.

More precise, I´m playing in a comedy show in Karlshamn, about 2000 kilometers from the guys on the expedition. It is called “Sommarskratt i Bellevueparken”. It is a very nice show with many talanted people involved. If you are from Sweden, you probably recognize some guys from the pictures.

Of course I brought the rod. Huge sea trout are swimming very close to the hotel room. I will spend one night, searching for the big ones, next week. Until then, lets prey for the guys out there. Prey for good weather. Prey for huge fish. No diseases. Sauna war victory goes to Håvard..


If you live in southern Sweden, don´t hesitate to come and watch the show. See you in a couple of days! /Fredrik




If you go for the big ones outside the hotel room – you have to wear the tuxedo!
Greetings from sunny Austria!


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