Some Serious Planning Going On

We had a really good time in Gothenburg this weekend, practicing new music during the day and having endless debates about where we should go for this summer´s big fishing trip during the night. As usual we didn´t sleep much, but I guess we´ve all learned that it´s naive to expect decent amounts of sleep when we´re doing J & FF stuff. The music and the fishing takes about 20 hours every day, and that leaves us 4 hours for travelling, packing and horsing around, which leaves something like minus 3 hours for sleeping.

Enough whining.

After many hours of debates and votes, we managed to narrow our fishing options for this summer´s big trip down to three (of course with a couple of wild cards still in the mix).

After some additional hours of prolonged arguments, considering factors like: the size of the trout/the natural beauty of the area/the number of other anglers/insect hatches/the access to plan B-locations in case the weather sucks/etc. etc., we sort of reached a conclusion, and I can tell you this much: we´re going all-in, trying our luck in an area where no jazz band has been fly fishing before. We´re talking way up north. We´re excited!

These crappy video clips from last summer´s tour, shot with a cellphone, illustrate what the J&FF lifestyle will do to you:

First you become very, very tired:

…and then you totally lose your mind:

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