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Coming Up: Season 2 Sneak Peek Video!

Yep! Sometime within the next 48 hours, we´re releasing an exclusive sneak peek on our brand new Season 2 material. Stay tuned, we´ll let you know… PS! During the next 24 hours, there will be an article about J&FF in a really cool magazine. We´ll let you know about that, too!

The Fly Corner

Welcome! It is soon Christmas again. Adult humans are competing with each other in order to buy the cheapest or most expensive gift. Santa has occupied the city. I hate to say it, but isn´t christmas little bit overrated? Just a little bit? Lets give some money to charity instead!? Anyway – instead of buying… Read more »

Christmas special!

Are you one of the people who panic about Christmas presents to your parents, boy/girlfriend, boss, yourself, fishing buddy, bandmate, dog, doctor, milkman etc. We have solved your problems! The perfect gift is to give something made with human hands, with love, dedication and compassion (now that it has been our hands doesn’t matter that… Read more »

Four and More

Hi! There´s gonna be lots of cool Jazz & Fly Fishing stuff coming on this website in the near future: 1. A sneak peek on our brand new Season Two material. Video coming up! It´s gonna be something else. 2. A feature about us in a really cool magazine (we´ll let you know). 3. Grand… Read more »

Bibio pomonae…

…it is! Today, I´d like to share some impressions and images from this year´s huge Bibio pomonae feast, or at least my part of it. It took place somewhere in the mountains of Nordkalotten, the vast, sparsely populated area that covers the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and northwestern Russia. This is where I´ve… Read more »

Can anybody tell me…

…what this insect is called? In Latin, please. Anyone?

Fly Fishing Party in Oslo!

Tomorrow night!!! 18.00!!! Oslo!!! Fly fishing party!!! LarsogLars DVD launch!!! Fly fishing video competition!!! Screening of a brand new Jazz & Fly Fishing video!!! The thruth about the giant rainbow!!! Lots of cool stuff to buy, including J&FF´s CD Slow Walking Water!!! Lots of other cool stuff to buy, too!!! Lots of stunningly beautiful people!!!… Read more »

Oslo´s Dark Secrets

Hi! I was out filming in central Oslo with Lars Nilssen from yesterday evening, and we uncovered some incredible secrets, hidden just in front of our noses. The place where I caught this fish lies a few hundred meters from my appartement, and it doesn´t show up on any map or aerial photo. It´s… Read more »

New SC Competition Entry – Shadow Cast 2 – The Fly Society

And here’s officcially the final entry for the Jazz & Fly Fishing Shadow Cast Competition 2011 ! (It was also posted before the DL.) We’re no longer accepting new submissions. Good luck for all the participants! And may the shadow be with you. See all the entries at The Shadow Cast Competition Page !

New SC Competition Entry – Shadow Cast 1 – The Fly Society

Heyy, time for the final SC competition entries, which were published before the deadline! (I was busy in Berlin and didn’t get around posting them, sorry for the delay.) See all the entries at The Shadow Cast Competition Page !