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Welcome! It is soon Christmas again. Adult humans are competing with each other in order to buy the cheapest or most expensive gift. Santa has occupied the city. I hate to say it, but isn´t christmas little bit overrated? Just a little bit? Lets give some money to charity instead!?
Anyway – instead of buying a lot of crap, I will start a new blog in our blog. Actually a quite serious one. The new blog is about flies and nothing else. Flies that deliver time after time. Flies that in some cases are not known to other people than we in JFF. Of course there are thousands of flies that look about the same out there, but these specific ones are created by us and they are… very deadly! The JFF Fly Corner will show one fly per blog! If anyone wants to know how to tie them; just ask and we´ll show! In the next Fly Corner you can take a very close look at Håvards secret char fly (one of them)

Fly: Green Bastard (composer: Fredrik Hamrå)

Try it!









Hook size: 12 – 16, regular wet fly hook

Thread: Black

wing: Dark green soft feather from regular hen

Tail: Pheasen and a piece of peacock

Body: Peacock and black yarn

Head: Small gold-head or just tying thread

Species: All types of trout, sea trout included!


How to fish the green bastard: drifting, fast or slow retrieving, sinking – basically the way you believe in! It probably imitates a lot of stuff depending of how you fish it. Fast retrieving and it looks like a very small fish or a fresh water shrimp, slow retrieving and it can be a caddis pupa or something else… There have been moments when only this fly worked, I have now clue why! /Fredrik


Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

The Green Bastard isn´t pretty or neat – and I bet that´s why it´s so successful. I find that the scruffy and simple flies are almost always the best. This one has a kind of universal “bugginess” that makes it lethal.

I look forward to sharing the kind of fly that I´ve had success with when sight fishing for arctic char (and trout) with our readers. And I also look forward to Tapani´s Terve Tinselii, his super secret Orange Bug, and Joona´s stunning Silicone Caddis Emerger…

Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

So true, Marc. Developing new patterns is a lot of fun, but tying the same pattern ten times in a row is not.


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