Christmas special!

Are you one of the people who panic about Christmas presents to your parents, boy/girlfriend, boss, yourself, fishing buddy, bandmate, dog, doctor, milkman etc.

We have solved your problems!

The perfect gift is to give something made with human hands, with love, dedication and compassion (now that it has been our hands doesn’t matter that much).

I’m talking about the one and only jazz album, composed and performed entirely by flyfishermen: the acclaimed Slow Walking Water by Jazz & Fly Fishing. Right now we offer free shipping worldwide!

– – – Act now! Limited offer! Fast delivery! Buy! Consume more! Christmas coming up! Panic! – – –

If you don’t, the Dark Shadowmaster will cast a terrible spell on you. That said, all you have to do is to choose one of the following:

1. Yes, I want to order the album!

2. No thanks, I’d rather risk getting a spell cast over me that makes all my future fish look like this


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