Four and More

Another tragic example of what the J&FF lifestyle will do to you

There´s gonna be lots of cool Jazz & Fly Fishing stuff coming on this website in the near future:
1. A sneak peek on our brand new Season Two material. Video coming up! It´s gonna be something else.
2. A feature about us in a really cool magazine (we´ll let you know).
3. Grand Shadow Master Jason Borger´s final verdict in the Shadow Cast Competition.
4. A new video, shot in Finland last year, that´s so embarrasing for us that I can barely watch the screen while editing it. We might let you know when it comes out…
+ Plenty of other good stuff that I don´t wanna reveal just yet.

PS! Check out the Norwegian blog They have a new post about their Finnmark expedition this summer. The text is really good and funny (and, as always, even funnier if you run it through a translator), and there are lots of great images of beautiful fish and not-quite-as-beautiful humans.


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