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New SC Competition Entry: It Scared the Ducks !

It scared the ducks ! from JFF Shadow Cast Competition on Vimeo. By Marc Fauvet, a certified Casting Instructor from See all the entries and post your own at The Shadow Cast Competition Page !

Shadowcast competition giveaway!

To boost the shadow cast competition a bit, we will send a free copy of the J&FF Slow Walking Water album for the next five entries on the competition! Just pick up the camera and make the cast!

Shadow Cast Competition

The 2011 Shadow Cast Competition Do not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity ! Send us a video of your best and most creative Shadow Cast right now – eternal fly casting glory awaits you! The rules: You don´t have to be a great fly caster to make a great Shadow Cast. Just look at… Read more »

The Mystery in Helsinki

Hi, Me and Joona are in Helsinki. Let’s just say that we were bored about nothing happening in the winter and decided to step it up a bit. I don’t want to reveal exactly what we’re doing, but maybe something related to an upcoming competition. Also there may be some clues in these these pictures…. Read more »

J&FF´s 2010 in Videos, Pictures, and Links

Hi! Inspired by our friends at the excellent Norwegian fishing blog, I decided to sum up the Jazz & Fly Fishing year 2010, as seen by yours truly. As it turns out, we did a lot more stuff than I remembered in 2010, but here´s some of it at least: For me, the first big… Read more »

Developing The Shadow Cast

I had this long discussion with Håvard about how to develop the shadow cast and make it even more useful. There are so many tricky situations in fly fishing, and many of them require special casts and very hard work. After many cups of coffee and lots of serious talking, we finally had it. There… Read more »

JFFFN, nr 2

JFFFN, nr 2 – 2010 (Jazz & Fly Fishing Flying News) As the responsible leader of the big and very important magazine JFFFN, I feel a little bit embarrassed right now. Why? Well, this number of JFFFN has been delayed a couple of days. The reason for being this late? There are no reasons and… Read more »

Casting a Shadow: An Exploration of Technique

I was recently made aware of an exciting new development in fly casting from the gentlemen here at Jazz & Fly Fishing: The NEW, IMPROVED J&FF Shadow Cast. This cast takes the signature technique from A River Runs Through It in a completely new direction, and serves to finally tie together the broad, sweeping strokes… Read more »

Coming soon: Jason Borger´s take on the J&FF Shadow Cast!

As we all know, the internet is a fantastic way of getting in touch with people all over the world. Even your heroes are suddenly within reach. Last monday, we got this comment about our new J&FF Shadow Cast from someone called JB, saying that the “beauty of it brings tears to my eyes”. Since… Read more »

Never Underestimate the Power of the Shadow Cast

Tapani´s recent Shadow Cast video really hit the spot! It´s been picked up by lots of blogs and websites around the world. Sadly, a lot of people worldwide seem to misunderstand this new, improved Shadow Cast. It is not a joke. And it certainly isn´t a parody. It is a really serious cast, made by… Read more »