Developing The Shadow Cast

I had this long discussion with Håvard about how to develop the shadow cast and make it even more useful. There are so many tricky situations in fly fishing, and many of them require special casts and very hard work. After many cups of coffee and lots of serious talking, we finally had it.

There is a place, far up north in Scandinavia, where almost no humans have been. It it just above “the border” where the trees don´t grow – only small bushes and dwarf-birches can stand the ruff conditions up there. The magic river, witch holds few but big fish, runs through this landscape. So, without any trees fu%/&? up the casting, it should be an easy spot to fish on!? The answer is no!

The thing is that one tree managed to climb over the border where no trees can grow, and there it is today, one big lonely tree, right by the river. Of course, that’s where the big ones are. If you sneak up and place yourself by the tree, the giant trout will get scared. The river bends so that you cant make distance casts, you simply have to stand right behind (!) the tree and cast over (!) it. Now, how is that possible? We have the answer: the 13th level of the shadow cast. Do not try this at home!


Henning Sæbø

Perfect. why didn`t i think of this before……
It makes perfect sence 😀
Extreme drawing also. You should draw things for i living .)

Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

I thought we agreed to keep the 13th level secret, Fredrik? And now everyone knows about it. Why, Fredrik? WHY???


Don’t worry, I just invented a new shadow cast – the 14th level. Very useful, but perhaps also impossible to learn, in contrast to level 13. If level 14 turns out to be doable, well… then we’re taking this to a whole new level. Give me some more time…


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