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Håvard vs the Volcano

Tomorrow, I was supposed to go on tour in Russia and the Ukraine with my own band, the Håvard Stubø Quartet, but now it seems like it´s all gonna be canceled. God damn it. The reason is of course the volcano Eyjafjallajökull on Iceland, which is currently spewing out an enormous cloud of ashes all… Read more »

Oulu, Elojazz

We had a very nice concert in Elojazz with a featuring sax player Antti Hynninen. He has recently released an excellent album with his group Auteur Jazz. It just so happened that Antti is also an established fly fisherman, so he decided to join us for the trip to Norway’s Varangerfest. We all thought that… Read more »

Some pics from my test fishing in Upper Itchen

Really looking forward to starting the tour now! As the guys said earlier, I have been test fishing for about a month now, covering lots of exciting, new spots in Northern Norway and Sweden. And I’m very happy to report that I’ve stumbled upon quite a few hidden pearls… These pics are all from a… Read more »