Håvard vs the Volcano

Tomorrow, I was supposed to go on tour in Russia and the Ukraine with my own band, the Håvard Stubø Quartet, but now it seems like it´s all gonna be canceled. God damn it.

The reason is of course the volcano Eyjafjallajökull on Iceland, which is currently spewing out an enormous cloud of ashes all over northern Europe, grounding all air traffic in Norway, Denmark, the UK, western Russia, etc.

Tapani was supposed to come, too, he´s sitting in for the band´s regular bass player, Torbjörn Zetterberg. We were really looking forward to the trip – I´ve never been to Russia or the Ukraine before, and was very excited about going there.

There might still be some hope of making the tour, or at least making the Ukraine part of it happen. Let´s see. Seems like it will take a major shift in the weather or a pause in the eruption to make flying possible…

Well, here´s some video from the bloody volcano:

And these local guys are taking it with a (slightly uncomfortable) smile:



That’s what you get when you play with other bands than Jazz and Fly Fishing!


Yes, you´re right. I deserve it.
But I thought we agreed that its “Jazz & Fly Fishing” with a “&”, not “and”?


Ooooh! You are so right. Anyway, I hope the volcanic clouds soon disappear and you guys get to your tour.


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