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Finnish Nonsense

Blog from Eco-Rapids #3 Hellau! I´m back from Russia. Here are some interesting videos from our tour in Finland in early June. The first one was made by Fredrik, who stole my camera and made this epic masterpiece entiteled Karja while I was searching desperately for the camera, thinking I´d forgotten it somewhere along the… Read more »

The Tight Lines Quartet Is Dead – Long Live Jazz & Fly Fishing!

When we were in Gothenburg recording our new album, we had a vote and the result was unanimous: The band is no longer called Tight Lines Quartet, but simply Jazz & Fly Fishing. Nobody was using the other name anyway – everyone just called us Jazz & Fly Fishing (we even did ourselves). Jazz &… Read more »

Easter Rise

Hi everyone! This little video is from my first day of fly fishing up north this year. Lots of ice and not too much fish, but it still felt fabulous to be out and about, fencing with the fly rod! Easter Rise from Jazz and Fly Fishing´s Jazzcam on Vimeo.

Mood from the studio

It’s been a great success. Håvard was shouting “let out it!” to the mics, and Freddy was counting one two three four… The feeling was there for the album to be born. Nine pieces recorded in two days. It sounds that it’s quite a lot of work, and that it is. Tapani’s hands are sore… Read more »

We´re gonna keep doing this!

The tour was a blast. I had the best time ever. Seriously! Although touring with the TLQ and the camera crew was a lot of fun, coming home to my little family wasn´t too bad either… There are lots of things going on at the moment. Since the tour ended, I´ve released a new record… Read more »

Competition judging, on-going!

We are now trying to decide the winner from all the photos send to us! Thanks to all contenders! Judging our way, is a delicate and time consuming process, so we kindly ask some patience from all the participant. The winner will be contacted next week, latest.