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I´m back from Russia. Here are some interesting videos from our tour in Finland in early June.

The first one was made by Fredrik, who stole my camera and made this epic masterpiece entiteled Karja while I was searching desperately for the camera, thinking I´d forgotten it somewhere along the road:

The second film, What´s Up with the Lainen?, deals with the mythical Finnish word “lainen”.

Fredrik and I have been asking Finns about the meaning of this word for more than a year now, and we still haven´t gotten any good explanation for it. Poor Tapani is the victim this time:

Soon, we´ll go fishing together again! First, we´ll fish a mystical river somewhere on Nordkalotten for a couple of days, and then we´ll move into undiscovered country for a real expedition.

Stay tuned – lots more videos and stuff coming up!

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