Mood from the studio

It’s been a great success.

Håvard was shouting “let out it!” to the mics, and Freddy was counting one two three four… The feeling was there for the album to be born.

Nine pieces recorded in two days. It sounds that it’s quite a lot of work, and that it is. Tapani’s hands are sore from beating the bass, but still, these couple of days in the studio resemble our summer tour in the intensity of output. We want to do this, and we’re pushing it. Now the setting is done, the tunes are finished  and we know our stuff.

Still, we had had the usual problems of a jazz band, this time with the coffee machine. The modern Italian-look coffee maker tried to slow us down, but Johannes, the sound engineer, knew how to fill the bean section and saved our session. The point in recording a full length album, where you need the the espresso, will present itself at some point.

At the moment, we have listened through the selected takes. We have recorded two days, made 46 minutes of good and solid material and we still have one day left at the studio.

As Håvardi says, now we have a great opportunity to choose what the album needs, as we already have the ingredients to make it. So Monday is going to be a day of free creating without pressure. Hopefully all this is ending as a great success!

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