Monthly Archives: March 2010

New fishing season behind the corner

The last few weeks I’ve been feeling quite uncomfortable in my own body. It’s like there’s something crawling inside that keeps me somewhat nervous all the time. My wife calmly noticed that I’ve spent a hell lot of money on fishing literature, gear and DVDs lately. No way I can deny that. -It’s because of… Read more »

Barduelva – The Dark Side of Green Energy

We all love renewable energy, but it´s easily forgotten that this kind of energy can be pretty dirty, too. Barduelva, one of Scandinavia´s finest road-near rivers, is in a sad state. Barduelva is a mighty river, up to 400m wide as it twists and turns through the lush, green Bardu valley, surrounded by snow-capped mountains… Read more »

Day 2 at Studio Epidemin

Here´s the second and final video from our recording session at Studio Epidemin, Gothenburg. PS! We´re very sorry about the disgraceful lyrics in Fred´s improvised song at the end of the video (“Mrs Johnson”). It won´t happen again. Day 2 at Studio Epidemin from Jazz and Fly Fishing´s Jazzcam on Vimeo. Day 2 at Studio… Read more »

Hip stuff in the studio

It is done! We are done.The recording session is over and we are totally exhausted. Stylistically, many of our new tunes are more or less jazz, but some takes actually hold a hip beat. Super beat.  We do now have 14 tracks on tape which is more than excellent! The next couple of weeks we… Read more »

Mood from the studio

It’s been a great success. Håvard was shouting “let out it!” to the mics, and Freddy was counting one two three four… The feeling was there for the album to be born. Nine pieces recorded in two days. It sounds that it’s quite a lot of work, and that it is. Tapani’s hands are sore… Read more »

I'm sorry

I´m sorry. I was very tired when I wrote the last blog late last night… That´s why it was kind of minimalistic. About the fishing… well, what can I say? We simply don’t have the time to fish right now. The good news is that the ice is melting right now! We´ve been working really… Read more »


We’re recording. It´s fun!

Gothenburg here we come!

It’s 10.30 PM in the evening. I talked to Håvard a moment ago, he just arrived at the Central Station in Gothenburg, trying to get in touch with Fredrik. Then Fredrik called me, trying to get in touch with Håvard. Then I got a message from Håvard that he was hanging out with some nice… Read more »

Recording ahead!

This weekend the Tight Lines Quartet are recording their first full length album in Gothenburg! So stay tuned on the blog, we’ll post some updates how the process is going on. We all have been looking forward to this session for a long time now and can’t wait to get loose on the instruments! So… Read more »