Hip stuff in the studio

It is done! We are done.The recording session is over and we are totally exhausted. Stylistically, many of our new tunes are more or less jazz, but some takes actually hold a hip beat. Super beat.  We do now have 14 tracks on tape which is more than excellent! The next couple of weeks we will spend many hours listening to the music and try to decide what tunes to put on the CD – that’s not an easy task.

The schedules of the days were about like this:

08:00 The angry alarm screams – time to wake up. Some of us had a light headache

10:00 The recording session begins. Lot’s of noise and voices during a couple of hours. Some tears also.

13:00 Time to take a short break – we went outside and casted with a fly rod. Håvard snapped the leader. Very funny.

16:10 Lunch – Plenty of food and bullshit.

17:00 Recording session…

19:00 Coffee and more coffee. Then tears and even more coffee.

20:00 Stop playing god damn it!

20:30 Spa

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