New fishing season behind the corner

The last few weeks I’ve been feeling quite uncomfortable in my own body. It’s like there’s something crawling inside that keeps me somewhat nervous all the time. My wife calmly noticed that I’ve spent a hell lot of money on fishing literature, gear and DVDs lately. No way I can deny that. -It’s because of the abstinence, I say, and know it’s true.

Tomorrow it is the 1st of April, a big day for most of the fishermen in the west coast of Sweden. That’s when the sea trout season begins and the shores get filled by eager fishermen, ones just like me. Well – it’s just that I won’t be fishing on the 1st of April. It’s like being a kid and celebrating Christmas a bit later than the other kids. I will spend that day at work just like normal people do (apart from those who take a day off on the 1/4). Anyway, from Friday on I’m on vacation for a whole ten days and that might include some fishing…

Here are some happy pictures from last years’ season starts:

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