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The tour is over – more is coming!

The tour is over! What a tour! There are so many things that happened, so many things to tell. We will now give to you, dear readers, the secret stories about the tour, stuff that are so fascinating and sometimes even horrible, that some of you might get scared when you read it. Really scared!… Read more »

Joona's JFF interview on SR P4

You can listen to Joona’s interview on the Swedish Radio P4 at The interview is in Finnish, you can find it at “Tiistai 1.9.” a bit down on the page.

Lappland Magic

Back up in Lappland now, after some wonderful days in the Finnish koskis. Great audiences, big trout, beautiful scenery, comfortable living, unisex sauna…I’m hooked for life! Lappland has been fantastic during the last few days. We’ve caught several remarkable¬† fish, and really gotten close to some serious wildlife. Fresh bear tracks 100m from our tent…… Read more »

VIDEO TEASER from the tour

First video teaser from the tour. Video holds the song called “Surfboard” composed by Joona Toivanen and some video-candy from the up coming TV series. Jazz & Fly Fishing TEASER from Jazz and Fly Fishing on Vimeo. Feel free to spread and embed the video to your own sites also…