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We´re Off!

10 glorious days of jazz and fly fishing in France and Poland lie ahead, and right now I´m packing up my gear. Heaps of instruments, fly fishing gear and video gear on top of all the regular necessities – there is just way too much stuff floating around. Anyway, we´ll try to keep you guys… Read more »

Jason Borger's jazz review

The Great Shadow Master himself, Jason Borger, has reviewed our album Slow Walking Water at his excellent site Fish, Flies & Water. Check it out!

Trout & Salmon Magazine

How often can you find jazz album reviews at fishing magazines? Check out the September issue of Trout & Salmon Magazine, p. 73. where Tom Saville “reviws music with an unusual trouty rhythm”.

Jazz & Fly Fishing interview online

The big Polish internet fishing site has published a big interview with the JFF guys, and it is in English! Kuba Standera: What is in Your opinion the link between the jazz and the flyfishing? Håvard Stubø: The most important link is improvisation – or the ability to adapt to changing conditions. In jazz,… Read more »

Trout Latency

On a blistering hot day last week, I travelled to one of my favourite trout rivers up north. The fishing was very slow indeed, but eventually I managed to find two big trout. The first one ignored my attempts completely in the ultra-bright conditions, making me feel clumsy. The second one was rising steadily in… Read more »

Jazz & Fly Fishing on LIRA CD

The Swedish music magazine LIRA has included a track from J&FF album Slow Walking Water on their sample CD! The album got also a very nice review in the number, so czech it out!

Cows & Flies

Another beautiful spring day above the arctic circle. This time, the weather was on my side, and I had a terrific day, catching several beautiful trout on the dry fly while communicating with the local cattle. Cows are much more intelligent than you might think! Czech it: Catch ya later – Håvard Music: “Chanson de… Read more »

Oslo are you ready?

It’s 7 in the morning. Me and Fredrik are on the train to Oslo, where Håvard, Tapani and Petzi are waiting (or still sleeping…?). Our Oslo homeboy, Håvard, has planned everything to the smallest detail, as you can see in the following mail: Wed. 25/5: Tap, Håvard And Petz arrive late in the evening from… Read more »

The Art of Fly Fishing

There’s a big article about Jazz & Fly Fishing in the latest number of Sztuka Lowienia, (The Art of Fly Fishing) a Polish fly fishing magazine. And more than so, they even included a CD with three tracks from our new album! Unfortunately all I know in Polish is Sztuka (Art) and Lowienia (Fishing) so… Read more »

J&FF Live in Oslo!

We´re playing in Oslo on saturday 28th. Venue: Herr Nilsen, at 16.00. Oslo dwellers: Don´t miss this rare opportunity to hear the band live – this is our first ever Oslo show! We´ll be showing some new videos before the concert, and since we´ve started shooting Jazz & Fly Fishing: Season Two, our cameras will… Read more »