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Not Exactly Fly Fishing

Most nations have their own weird traditions: The Finns have their sauna. As often as they can, the Finns will gather in a red hot torture chamber together with their family and friends. Once inside the the sauna, they start beating eachother with sticks while pouring down way too much vodka, only interupted by ice… Read more »

The Cigar Rod

Today I’m home, fever and some other friends have occupied me – a perfect situation to work on the wooden ice fishing rods. Maybe I’ll tie some flies also, the sea trout season is getting closer (but still very very far away). Unfortunately I forgot the drumstick-rod at my rehearsing place so I can’t show… Read more »

Jazz & Ice Fishing?

I’m a little bit frustrated right now. I’ve been looking everywhere in the apartment but it is not here. It is very annoying. Do you know where it is? Two hours have passed since I started looking and still nothing. I’m of course talking about the wire that connects the camera to the computer. As… Read more »


Aaaaahh, finally it’s christmas again. Do I like it? Do you like it? Well, both yes and no I guess. I feel that this religious day gets a little bit more hectic every year. This year, the very christmas eve 2009, I decided to skip the family, girlfriend and so on – instead me and… Read more »