Jazz & Ice Fishing?

I’m a little bit frustrated right now. I’ve been looking everywhere in the apartment but it is not here. It is very annoying. Do you know where it is? Two hours have passed since I started looking and still nothing. I’m of course talking about the wire that connects the camera to the computer. As you understand, I can’t upload any pics or videos as it is right now. Guess I simply have to buy a new one.

I was planning to write a blog about making stuff. I was planning (!)
More precisely, I was going to show some creations that are made of strange materials that cost basically nothing. Yesterday I finished an ice fishing rod – it is completely made of  wood from a cigar-case except from the tip, that belongs to a drum stick. So is the reel by the way. Made of wood, I mean. Please don´t try this at home, it will take too much time… But anyway, it looks nice! Last week I caught an 800 gram perch on a drum stick.

The layer of ice on the lakes around Gothenburg is very thick by now. Since I can’t do any fly fishing, I’ve been ice fishing instead. Jazz & ice fishing… In some places the ice is over 60 cm! That, combined with the fact that my ice-drill is very old and bad, has turned my biceps quite impressive, if I may say so.

We are right now deciding what our new CD will look like, hope you’re gonna like it.
On saturday I’ll throw up the photos that belong to this text. That is all for now, Tight lines! /Fredrik


Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Argh. Those god damn cables always ruin everything!

Please get a new cable asap. I´d really like to see what an ice fishing rod made from a cigar case looks like!


Try looking for something else. When ever I try to find anything I can never find it until I try to find something else weeks later, and then suddenly the orginal lost item appears out of nowhere!!! My life is often at the mersy of sods law haha


I just found your jazz group and I must say that I smiled from ear to ear. Jazz and fly fishing. Yeah! Evr tried with a bamboo rod by the way? Could you also post an image of the wooden ice rod made from a cicar box? That would nice!




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