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Modern Splitcane Rods – Tradition and Performance

I´ve always wanted to try a proper splitcane flyrod. Sure, I´ve tried some of my father´s old ones from the sixties, but they weren´t very good. Massproduced, worn-out rods that are heavy, slow and wobbly. The rods I had the pleasure of casting today couldn´t have been more different. It´s not easy to describe how… Read more »

Jazz & Fly Fishing…

What is jazz and what is fly fishing? Some of you who read and watch this blog might be fishing maniacs, musicians or maybe both. But I guess that many of you just discovered a site where four idiots are doing weird stuff and now you’re checking us out every now and then!? I will… Read more »

Guideline Fario

There’s been a lot of talking lately about Guideline’s new fly rod series Fario. It has been praised by the critiques (the 9′ #5 rod won a test in Trout & Salmon magazine) and our friends who have tested it have been very impressed. And when we got our hands on the 9′ #5 we… Read more »