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Lazy Summer Days

Despite some very crappy weather, our fishing expedition was a success. We had a great time, hiking till our feet bled and catching several really nice fish (and one monster, too). More on this shortly. Right now, the J&FF members are spread out all over Scandinavia: Tapani is in his native Finland on summer holiday,… Read more »

Not Exactly Fly Fishing

Most nations have their own weird traditions: The Finns have their sauna. As often as they can, the Finns will gather in a red hot torture chamber together with their family and friends. Once inside the the sauna, they start beating eachother with sticks while pouring down way too much vodka, only interupted by ice… Read more »

Hot day running…

As a fly fisherman and musician I have to stay in shape. As a matter of fact, I believe it is more like this: as a human creature I/we have to stay in shape. Our modern lifestyle will otherwise transform us into cheese doodles! Anyway, me and Joona ran the half marathon in Gothenburg last… Read more »

Smoke on the Water

Driving, driving, driving. It’s a long way from Northern Norway to Middle Finland. As usual, we were jamming a lot in the car, and today the repertoire consisted of rock classics like ”Smoke on the Water”, ”Enter Sandman”, ”Back in Black” etc. Fredrik´s singing is fantastic. He is very skilled at coming up with alternative… Read more »