Lazy Summer Days

Despite some very crappy weather, our fishing expedition was a success.
We had a great time, hiking till our feet bled and catching several really nice fish (and one monster, too). More on this shortly.

Right now, the J&FF members are spread out all over Scandinavia: Tapani is in his native Finland on summer holiday, Fredrik is in Gothenburg, Sweden, preparing his upcoming wedding, and I´m still up north, relaxing with my family and, well, fly fishing. I don´t really know where Joona is. Joona, where are you?

Here are some pics
from a successful fishing trip my cousin Dagfinn and I made the other day:

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Joona / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Nice pictures, Håvard!
I’m at home in Gothenburg, and have been holding the shovel instead of the fly rod the last couple of days. Let’s see how piano playing feels after that, I’m off for the rehearsal studio now. Cheers!


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