Smoke on the Water

Driving, driving, driving. It’s a long way from Northern Norway to Middle Finland.

As usual, we were jamming a lot in the car, and today the repertoire consisted of rock classics like ”Smoke on the Water”, ”Enter Sandman”, ”Back in Black” etc. Fredrik´s singing is fantastic. He is very skilled at coming up with alternative lyrics for the tunes, and although most of the lyrics are about the usual topics – you know – the genitalia and so on, he always manages to come up with new, funny combinations.

The conditions for fly fishing were perfect today, like they always are when you have to leave. Typical… However, we managed escape the film crew and squeeze in 20 minutes of fishing in one of my secret lakes.

Immediate success! A stunningly beautiful, big trout took my dryfly after 10 minutes. I´m in 7th heaven now!

In the middle of the night, Tapani and Fredrik decided to go fishing for salmon in the Torneälven close to Haparanda. They caught a small pike.

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