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New video: Focus

Here’s a short film from a trip a couple of weeks back. One man, one camera, one fish, one situation. Plus some experimenting with the out-of-focus shapes with different lenses. Music by Jazz & Fly Fishing. Enjoy! Focus from Jazz & Fly Fishing on Vimeo.

Breeding Monsters

Except for Fredrik´s Santa Claus pics (check out the “Stupid Stuff” gallery), we haven´t really had any horror on this blog. So here´s some really scary stuff for you: As most of you probably know, the rise of the salmon farming industry has been a disaster for wild salmon populations worldwide. Sea-lice, genetic pollution and… Read more »

Fever, The Kitchen Monster And The Autumn

I have had a touch of fever now for two days. I find it extremely boring! After one day of sporadic practicing on the practice-pad and the piano I had to do something else. Started to bake and cook as a true maniac. My furious hands took over and I became the kitchen monster. No… Read more »