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Day 2 at Studio Epidemin

Here´s the second and final video from our recording session at Studio Epidemin, Gothenburg. PS! We´re very sorry about the disgraceful lyrics in Fred´s improvised song at the end of the video (“Mrs Johnson”). It won´t happen again. Day 2 at Studio Epidemin from Jazz and Fly Fishing´s Jazzcam on Vimeo. Day 2 at Studio… Read more »

Our First Ever Videoblog!

Good news! I finally got around to buying a new camera! I ended up buying the Canon HF S10. Naturally, it cost a lot more than I had planned to spend, but it looks like a very good video camera so far. Since I am now armed with a decent camera, there´ll be more behind-the-scenes… Read more »

Buying a Jazzcam

As you can see by clicking the “jazzcam” tab above, the quality of the band´s own behind-the-scenes videos leaves something to be desired… Well, that´s about to change. The last few days, I´ve spent most of the nights online, trying to find a camcorder which suits my budget and ambitions – and what a jungle… Read more »