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Gothenburg planning session

The days we spent in Gothenburg after the release concert were very intensive and inspiring. We spent hours and hours in planning the future, and got some very good insights to film making from our documentary producer Petzi. He illustrated his ideas with drawings that seemed very clear at that moment. I’m not that sure… Read more »

Photo competition winner Announced!

Winner of “The coolest fishing photo” competition Announced! Eetu Myöhänen with his friend Janne Väyrynen from Finland took a photo that convinced the Jazz & Fly Fishing team with a funny mood and a different angle to all the thousands of fishing photos we’ve seen so far. High angle and a big smile! Congratz Eetu… Read more »

Oulu, Elojazz

We had a very nice concert in Elojazz with a featuring sax player Antti Hynninen. He has recently released an excellent album with his group Auteur Jazz. It just so happened that Antti is also an established fly fisherman, so he decided to join us for the trip to Norway’s Varangerfest. We all thought that… Read more »