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The International Press

There are some fresh articles out there for our international followers. No longer do you need to stick to the barbaric Scandinavian languages, just get your copy of the latest Swiss Petri-Heil (in German), or the Polish Sztuka Lowienia! For those who prefer English, check out the webmagazines This is Fly and Scale Magazine (also… Read more »

New Kid In Town

There´s a new kid in town! Vak is a brand new Norway-based webmagazine, dedicated to the fine art of fly fishing and the sophisticated lifestyle that goes with it. As I´m writing this, the site has only been available for an hour or two, but it´s already full of high quality content. Go figure… Most… Read more »

Trout & Salmon Magazine

How often can you find jazz album reviews at fishing magazines? Check out the September issue of Trout & Salmon Magazine, p. 73. where Tom Saville “reviws music with an unusual trouty rhythm”.

Catch Magazine

I just ran into this site on the net. An online magazine with focus on fishing photography. Incredibly beautiful pictures, check it out! Catch Magazine