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Fred & Me on Live TV

Hi! The last few weeks have been really busy. I´ve been doing a lot of fly fishing lately – summer above the arctic circle area is such a brief phenomenon that you really have to make the most it. Like last night, for example, when I caught the pretty 1,1 kg fattie above. We´ve gotten… Read more »

Sunday Jazz: At First

Band: Gemmer-Toivanen-Fryland-Møllehøj Title: ‘At First’ The working name for the band isn’t going to work in the long run 🙂 so if you can come up with something shorter, please post suggestions in the comments. At First by Søren Gemmer Gemmer-Toivanen-Fryland-Møllehøj Søren Gemmer – Piano Tapani Toivanen – Bass Andreas Fryland – Drums Per Møllehøj… Read more »

Video! Gig! Fun!

Hi! Our last gig at Parken, Gothenburg was great fun! Parken is a great venue for live music, and the people running the “Parken Jazz Series” of concerts are really commited to bringing quality music to the people. We dig. Damien at Parken makes videos from all the performances in this concert series – a… Read more »