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Finns, sauna & hole in the ice

What do Finns do when they have a frozen lake and a sauna? Well, they make a hole in the ice, warm up the sauna to over 100 degrees celsius and take a bath in the lake. This is the Toivanen brothers at their summer cottage quite recently. The water may seem cold but it’s… Read more »

Jazz & Ice Fishing?

I’m a little bit frustrated right now. I’ve been looking everywhere in the apartment but it is not here. It is very annoying. Do you know where it is? Two hours have passed since I started looking and still nothing. I’m of course talking about the wire that connects the camera to the computer. As… Read more »

New Rise Shows announced in Europe

Due to the success of the RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival – European Tour in Nov 2010 they are coming back to Europe to play in more towns and cities across the continent – this time the tour will visit Iceland, France, Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Poland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The exclusive 15-minute preview of… Read more »

Älvräddarna – Saving Our Rivers

We need energy. That´s a fact. In the Nordic countries, we are blessed with lots of different energy sources, providing plenty of energy for the Nordic market. That´s why you can still find some free-flowing rivers up here. Not many – most of the big rivers were developed and ruined long ago – but a… Read more »

J&FF Eco Manifesto – and some practical views on catch & release

We´ve gotten lots of feedback on our Season One Sneak Peek video. The overwhelming majority of the feedback has been very positive, but some viewers have reacted strongly to the killing of fish in the video. All members of J&FF are very conscious about environmental issues, and since all the fish shown in this video… Read more »

Music for cold winter nights

Here are some of my favorite jazz albums that are just perfect during the cold, dark winter nights. Accompanied by a glass of vintage port or a smoky whisky, these create the perfect mood for a fly tying session. Enjoy! Joni Mitchell: Both Sides Now A stunningly beautiful album with a big orchestra. Joni’s singing… Read more »

Cobra Perch Soup

Fredrik is a man of many talents. As this video from our recent planning/scripting weekend in Gothenburg shows, he is an accomplished ice fisherman, a devil with the knife, and a great cook. However, his mad lip-syncing skills came as a huge surprise to us. Enjoy! Music: Cobra Perch by Jazz & Fly Fishing Clownens… Read more »

JFF-Flying News 2011 – nr 1

Very welcome to the very first JFFFN of 2011, the year of years! We wish you all a fantastic year with lots of big fish and beautiful music. Here are the latest and most important news in the world. Feel free to contact us if you have some new and as important stuff to tell!… Read more »

J&FF´s 2010 in Videos, Pictures, and Links

Hi! Inspired by our friends at the excellent Norwegian fishing blog, I decided to sum up the Jazz & Fly Fishing year 2010, as seen by yours truly. As it turns out, we did a lot more stuff than I remembered in 2010, but here´s some of it at least: For me, the first big… Read more »

The Year of the Rabbit = The Year of J&FF!

Hellau! We in J&FF would like to welcome you all to 2011 – the year of the rabbit and the year of J&FF! 2010, the year of the tiger, was kind of a test season for us. After recording Season One in 2009, we were a bit unsure of the future of J&FF. We had… Read more »