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…Sometimes the fish don’t bite, sometimes they do. Today it was very strange that nothing happened. After fishing for three hours without a single take, we went back to our cabin and had some food, drank coffee and slept for a while. Then we went home. Does it sound exiting? Well, it was a nice… Read more »

Jason Borger's jazz review

The Great Shadow Master himself, Jason Borger, has reviewed our album Slow Walking Water at his excellent site Fish, Flies & Water. Check it out!

Developing The Shadow Cast

I had this long discussion with Håvard about how to develop the shadow cast and make it even more useful. There are so many tricky situations in fly fishing, and many of them require special casts and very hard work. After many cups of coffee and lots of serious talking, we finally had it. There… Read more »

Meeting in Sweden

It is time for our first film music-session. It will take place in Gothenburg tomorrow. Maybe there will be time to do some fishing also, lets see…  We really need to record more background music to our short movies. We’re going to play lots of stuff, probably a lot af very weird sounds and grooves. Anyone who… Read more »