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Winter Stress

Hi! The last couple of days have been a bit hectic. Håvard is in China, Joona and Tapani are in Finland and I’m bathing in stuff to take care of. On thursday we’ll post the next blog, maybe even tomorrow, let’s see what can be done. That’s all for now… …One more thing… in not… Read more »

The Latest News

Today it is friday. What are the latest news? 1. Håvard is broke but happy. He found real happiness when he became the gear machine. He is also gonna get some more Norwegian oil money pretty soon, that’s for sure. 2. Earlier this week I promised to arrange a nice little competition. Have I done… Read more »

Creative competition

It is now in the middle of the night, I just arrived from a late gig. Since I’m very tired I might express myself in a not very clear way. Well well, today I woke up (as usual), had my coffee, ran 14 kilometers, biked 20 kilometers, fixed some pics, thought about some bullshit-ideas and… Read more »

Photo competition winner Announced!

Winner of “The coolest fishing photo” competition Announced! Eetu Myöhänen with his friend Janne Väyrynen from Finland took a photo that convinced the Jazz & Fly Fishing team with a funny mood and a different angle to all the thousands of fishing photos we’ve seen so far. High angle and a big smile! Congratz Eetu… Read more »

Coolest fishing photo..

Photo competition deadline 31.08.09 The coolest fishing photo competition is closing in just a few days! There is still a weekend to take your snapshot of a lifetime and get the award and glory! Check out the competition tab!


The Finns really know how to have a good time. First everybody – men and women, young and old –  get completely naked. Then they go into a unique torture chamber called sauna. The temperature in this torture chamber is about 700 degrees warm. Since they consider this to be way too cold, they immediately… Read more »