This summer we are going to make a long hike. We will go far up North, far far away from anything that looks like humans. Very very close to huuuuge trout and char. It is not going to be easy. Who said life supposed to be easy anyway?

We have been doing some serious planning about the summer-trip, but it will not be enough. In order to be able to do the trip, we have to reach true fitness. We have to run, bike, work and oil our bodies until we look twice as big as Arnold Schwarzenegger in his best days. Until we cant make proper shadow casts anymore.

I spent the last week together with my wife in the mountains, about 700 km from Gothenburg. I had totally forgot how beautiful and silent the winter is up there. For a while it felt that we could touch the sky. Actually a bear was sleeping 200 meters from where we were skiing…

The trip was step one in the JFF fitness plan. We were skiing the whole week. I´m not talking about downhill skiing of course, that won´t make you particularly fit. That´s more about freezing on the way up and trying to get warm on the way down. I´m talking about cross country skiing, the most painful and beautiful art of sport in the world. My body still aches.

Next week I´ll start to do hundred push ups every day. It will probably last for two days only, but I like to aim high. It feels good. Aim high and land low. More about this later. Lets run, guys! /F


Arnie Norse

I do 4. Nice pics. I’m going to the cabin next week for a few days. Winterleave. Try to catch a few chars as well. Go(o)d speed.

Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Fredrik: It isn´t too hard to figure out where it is. You have named the picture “grövelsjön.jpg”…


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