It is a fact that the winter is back again. The days are way to short and the weather is slimy. My hat is itching. Joonas hat is black. Tapani is sad all the time and Håvard is mad.

One day it is snowing, and the day after, rain is all you can see. Why? Why snow and then rain? Why Håvard? Answer me! I want a real winter with a thick layer of snow.

I tried some rainbow trout fishing this weekend and it was nice but not really happening. The activity was zero, but for once it was a very beautiful day. Maybe I’ll do some pike fishing next week, let’s see… Here are two pics from the last fishing day up in the mountains.

I like to make lists, it sort of helps the brain to relax. I hope you like it to because here it comes: It is time to make the “what-to-do-during-the-winter-list”

Please add more important things to the list, we need this to survive this heavy winter. It might be the coldest winter… ever.

what-to-do-during-the-winter-list (continously updated)

1. Practice on the instrument

2. Fly tying

3. Cook

4. Drink juice and maybe stronger stuff, probably stronger stuff

5. Cry

6. Compose music

7. Write a novel

8. Read books

9. Practice casting in front of the mirror

10. Run

11. Get crazy

12. Invent new fly patterns – try them in the bath room

13. Go to the Rise Fly Fishing film festival

14. Daniel´s suggestion: go skiing or snowboarding

15. Jay´s suggestion: Go to Southeastern USA, where you can flyfish all year round, and go to the Fly Fishing convention in Atlanta in February.

16. OrrO´s suggestion: Use the Internets.

17. Erlend W´s suggestions: Go sight nymphing in NZ, flyfish for halibut from the shore in Northern Norway, polish your rod, surf the fly fishing blogs.

18. Thomas’s suggestion: Tie Oliver Edwards fly patterns

19. ?

20. ?



Come to the Southeastern US and I’ll take you to some of our “year round” streams. There is also a Fly Fishing convention in Atlanta in February.

Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

I must say Jay´s suggestion sounds pretty tempting. Guys?

Skiing/snowboarding is also nice, and so is the internet. Hmmm. Winter is looking better already. Keep ´em coming, people!

Erlend W

-Go “sight-nymphing” for trout in New Zealand.
-Try flyfishing for halibut in Northern Norway. No boats allowed! A manly activity.
-Polish your rod:)
-Visit blogs like Jazz & Flyfishing


Since a few years is the amazing Masterclass from Oliver Edwards beside my toilet.

Every morning while i am sitting there, drinking my coffee, reading that nice book .. i develope
a list what i have to do especially in winter time ..

Tie the Baetis nymph, the Ephemerella Nymph, the Heptagenia nymph, … what is to order
on material .. think a lot about the adventages and disadvantages of several Webshops …

But what happens … nothing .. there are still the same ugly tungsten bead head nymphs in my flybox, which i never use

Joona / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Thomas – I also have that fantastic book. After a couple of weeks of tying (and trying), it has rested a few years in the book shelf. Maybe time to open the book again and tie some fantastic patterns! Let’s put it on the list.


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